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Retirement Just Doesn’t Happen!

Retirement is not just an unexpected event! It just does not happen! It is a phase in life that you will eventually need to go through and if you do not prepare for it properly, it can be a very difficult phase in your life. The decisions that you make on a daily basis will determine the type of retirement that you have. But what if you are already in your 50s and have discovered that you should have actually started to save for your retirement in your 20s? Is it too late for you to still have a comfortable retirement? Definitely Not! 

Retirement does not have to be Stressful!

If you are in your 50s and have retired or are going to retire soon, you would need advice and guidance especially if you have not invested in retirement planning. We at Release – Insurance & Capital Solutions have the experience, knowledge and support needed to help to have a comfortable retirement. Our aim is to help you identify your retirement goals and to transfer those goals into a retirement strategy fully worked out in a retirement plan that will guide you through the complicated world of retirement. Our independent advisors provide high quality and unbiased advice that is the most beneficial for your particular needs.

Our services:

Prioritizing your retirement goals

Determining your income needs

Identifying issues and opportunity’s

Recognizing ad managing retirement risks

Implementing a retirement income strategy

Monitoring and updating this strategy 

Retirement made easier with Equity Release!

Equity Release is one of the financial solutions available to retirees who are house owners. It is designed to run for the rest of your life by providing a stable source of income derived from your property. There are a variety of equity release schemes, each unique in its own right. We provide advice and guidance focused on helping you to choose the best scheme for your needs.

Lifetime Mortgage

Drawdown Equity Release

Interest Only Lifetime Mortgage

Home Reversion

Roll-up Lifetime Mortgage

Home Income Plan

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